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Communication and Mercy “As sons and daughters of God, we are called to communicate with everyone, without exception. In a particular way, the Church’s words and actions are all meant to convey mercy, to touch people’s hearts and to sustain them on their journey to that fullness of life which Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to bring to all”. Pope Francis, “Communication and Mercy; A Fruitful Encounter” January 2016. The following offices work to serve our parishes and our diocese and to inform all who seek knowledge about our Catholic faith. 


Office of Information Technology

The Information Technology Office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany headed by Director Geralyn Fox, provides technical expertise, professional services and support to the central administrative offices as well as to parishes and other ministries across the diocese.

 “Our Mission revolves around bringing a geographically large diocese closer together with the use of technology and applications which foster communication, facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, and allows people of the diocese to perform their ministries more effectively in support of the diocesan mission.”

Geralyn Fox
Phone: 518-453-6685


Office of Parish Services

In an effort to strengthen communications between the diocese and parishes, Bishop Scharfenberger in 2015 established the Office of Parish Services, headed by Renée Morgiewicz who serves as Coordinator. Renee joined the Pastoral Center staff in July and has been reaching out to parishes and assembling a network of resources that can be used by the diocese, its parishes, and individual Catholics who want to strengthen their ministries and nourish their faith life.

“I am here to help our parishes, Church leaders and the faithful navigate the resources at the Pastoral Center to ensure any questions, problems, requests or needs are resolved in an expedited and professional manner.”

Renee Morgiewicz
Phone: 518-453-6609


Office of Communications

The Office of Communications headed by Mary DeTurris Poust works to advance the mission of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and our bishop through traditional and social media, proactively promoting the ministries of our various offices and departments, parishes and schools.

“The job of the Communications Office is to inform and evangelize. This happens not only through the obvious sharing of stories of faith in action but through our response to local media on news stories that relate to our faith in more subtle ways. It is a collaborative effort, bringing together diverse ministries and individuals to create a unified story that mirrors the Gospel and inspires Catholics and non-Catholics alike throughout the diocese and beyond.”

Mary DeTurris Poust
Phone: 518-453-6618



Office of Development and Stewardship
40 North Main Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 453-6680